What is Spiritual Capitalism?

It doesn’t mean prayer sessions at the checkout counter or guided meditations in the boardroom. What it does mean is the success of an enterprise is measured by values like “integrity” and “commitment” as much as targets like “efficiency” and “profitability.” It’s based on the recognition that every businessperson – whether you’re the CEO of a major company or the head of your own small shop – is in the service industry, and the services rendered must benefit not just yourself and your shareholders, but the community, the islands, and the planet as well. Taking care of business means taking care of others. The bottom line is more than just the basis for commercial success; it’s the foundation for a just and sustainable society.

Why do we do it? Not just because it’s the ‘right’ thing to do, but because spiritual capitalism is a smart business move. Employees and managers who embrace spiritual values like compassion and forgiveness are happier – and therefore more productive. Add some soul to your sales pitch and guess what? You sell more.